Famous worldwide

The Prima Donna brand with its fino, maturo, forte and leggero varieties, is enjoying a growing global demand from Canada to Australia, from Brazil to Scandinavia – even as far as South Africa. Prima Donna lovers can be found in more than 70 countries all over the world. It has also won international accolades, such as the Gold Award for the tastiest cheese specialty at the Nantwich International Cheese Show (UK).


Prima Donna is a well-established specialty cheese in many European countries. In many delis it can be described as unthinkable to not have it available at the cheese counter. The unique taste of Prima Donna is popular especially in Germany and Scandinavia. For many years Prima Donna has been one of the most popular specialty cheeses in Denmark!

 Prima Donna cheese in Europe

North and South America

In North and South America people are crazy about the unique taste of Prima Donna. If you ask for cheese in Canada and Brazil they are likely to recommend Prima Donna specialty cheese to you at the cheese counter.

 Prima Donna cheese in North and South America

Africa and Australia

Even in faraway continents such as Africa and Australia, Prima Donna is sold at the cheese counter because the unique blend of Parmesan and Dutch cheese has won their hearts, especially in Cape Town and Melbourne.

 Prima Donna cheese in Africa and Australia