A cheese lover from Holland traveled to Italy. During his quest to find the best cheeses, he discovered wonderful, delicious local delicacies. When he returned back to the Netherlands, using the knowledge he acquired, he created a Dutch cheese with Italian characteristics. Inspired by hard Parmesan and soft, sweet Gruyere cheese, the Dutch cheese master created Prima Donna. It is softer than Parmesan yet harder than Gruyere with a lovely soft, nutty taste. Prima Donna maturo is similar to Parmesan, while Prima Donna fino is like Gruyere. Prima Donna has perfect melting characteristics, perfect for warm dishes.

Prima Donna is defined not only by its unique recipe and flavor profile but also its precise aging process. Prima Donna reaches its pinnacle of flavor by spending the right time aging on natural wooden shelves combined with the right amount of humidity and temperature. Prima Donna receives the appropriate amount of time to ripen until the desired unique flavor has been reached. Next, the cheese master inspects the cheese regularly to decide whether it is categorized as fino, maturo, forte or leggero.

Prima Donna’s has been quickly recognized beyond Holland’s borders and its global demand is growing.