Serving instructions

Cutting instruction for 300g (10.6oz) wedge

A cheese specialty needs to be presented in a special way!

Prima Donna, Europeans best cheese, is best presented with the cheese specialties in your cheese counter and as a 300g (10.6 oz) wedge. That way, you emphasize the special character of Prima Donna.


Cut the cheese wheel in four:
1/1 --> 4 x 1/4


Cut the quarter piece in 5 pieces:
1/4 => 5x 600g (21.2oz)


Halve the 600 g cheese wedges:
1 x 600g => 2x 300g (2x 10.6oz)


Pack the 300g wedges (10.6oz) in foil,
put the label on the cut surface
=> 2x 300g

5 basic guidelines to serve your cheese 

  1. Keep your cheese at room temperature
    Cheese tastes best when served at room temperature. Make the most of your cheese by removing it from the refrigerator at least an hour prior to serving to help release flavor and aroma.
  2. Cut your cheese the proper way
    Use the right knives to cut your cheeses. The Dutch cheese knife is a cheese knife specifically designed for harder cheeses such as your Prima Donna cheeses and other semi-hard to hard cheeses. The shape of the cheese will determine the best way to cut it so you will taste the best in every slice.
  3. Keep your cheese fresh
    To keep your cheese fresh for as long as possible, cheese bags or cheese paper is the best way to store it. It's porous, so it protects the cheese from air exposure while still allowing it to breathe. Replace the paper every time you unwrap.
  4. Pair it well
    Pair cheese with other delicious flavors like bread, fruit, nuts, or honey. Cheese and crackers is a traditional treat, but if cheese is served with wine or beer, provide bread in place of crackers. Experiment with flavors and find your favorites. If fruit slices will accompany the cheese, apple and pear are great choices with soft cheeses or mild hard cheeses.
  5. Create the ultimate cheese board
    When putting together a cheese board, to be served before or after dinner, remember to limit your selection to no more than five different cheeses. Serve cheeses of different sizes, shapes, and flavor or texture profiles to create diversity and add interest to your cheese board.