Pre-packed assortment

Prima Donna crème

Start spreading the news; start spreading the new Prima Donna crème. Packed in a cup of 125 g and with its renown Prima Donna branding, this spreadable cheese offers added value for a higher turnover and a better profit margin. Trays available with a content of 8 x 125 g.


Prima Donna cubes

The new Prima Donna cubes will make every moment a special tasty moment. These cubes are perfect for snacking and for a quick and tasty cheese board. Cut from the original round wheel, the cubes are a bit smaller in size and packed in a re-sealable cup of only 100 g.


Prima Donna slices

The new pre-packed Prima Donna slices in the innovative high quality packaging combines taste and convenience.

  • Easy to open and re-sealable
  • 150g per pack, slices separated with “interleaf”
  • Strong Prima Donna maturo branding, creating brand recognition and loyalty
  • 10 x 150g packed in attractive printed shelf ready display carton
  • Available in June 2016

Prima Donna pre-packed wedges

For every need the best prepacking. Of course all Prima Donna varieties are also pre-packed available, from the traditional wedge for self-service and cheese counter (NEW: 180 g wedge) to the luxury triangular wedges of 150 g and 220 g.


150 g

180 g

220 g