Prima Donna forte

extra mature & piquant taste

Prima Donna forte features a strong and sweet, nutty taste making it well suited to warm dishes or on a cheeseboard. Prima Donna forte has an extra-long ripening time which results in a lightly crumbly consistency. The salt and protein crystals are even more visible in this variety. Prima Donna forte can be used to finish Carpaccio dishes and is the perfect addition to a cheeseboard.

Prima Donna forte is lactose (<0,1g/100g) and gluten free by nature.

delicious on the cheeseboard ideal for grilled cheese toppings goes well with red wine goes well with port

Nutritional values per 100 g

1735 kJ / 418 kcal
30,2 g
carbohydrate (sugars)
0,1 g (< 0,1 g)
fat (of which is saturated fat)
33 g (20,8 g)
1,9 g