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November 2012

Prima Donna promotes Dutch specialty cheeses in Rome.

By invitation of Gerda Verburg, the Dutch representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Prima Donna Cheese has contributed, together with other cheese makers and traders from Bodegraven and Woerden, to a unique promotion of Dutch cheese specialties at the Eataly trade fair in Rome.

On October 26th and 27th, Rome was marked by Dutch cheese and cheese tools. The Dutch delegates, for this occasion dressed in strikingly traditional Dutch outfits, even caused some tourist commotion in the city center. Afterwards, during a culinary lunch and cheese tasting, they introduced their Italian colleagues to the unique cheeses from the Green Heart of Holland.

On behalf of Prima Donna Cheese, Ben van der Wal had traveled to Rome to introduce his Italian colleagues to the Prima Donna brand. Prima Donna cheeses feature an array of high-quality and unique tasting specialty cheeses that are a classic example of the Dutch craftsmanship in the expertise of cheese making and ripening.

Prima Donna cheese in Rome

The way from Rome… to the Green Heart of Holland
For over 2,000 years cheese has been made in the Green Heart of Holland. Nonetheless the art of cheese making originates from the Romans, who educated the Dutch locals in cheese making on their way to the north of Europe. Throughout the years the cheese makers and traders from Bodegraven have perfected their craft and created many new varieties and brands. In our time the Latin word “caseus” still lives on in the Dutch word “kaas” (cheese).

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is a specialized organization with the goal to minimize hunger in the world. Its headquarters is based in Rome since 1951. Gerda Verburg has been the permanent Dutch representative at the FAO since 2011.

October 2012

Growing attention for Prima Donna in the U.S.

Over the last months Prima Donna cheese has been in the spotlights in the U.S. on several occasions. Of course we have been busy promoting Prima Donna at trade fairs, like IDDBA (New Orleans) and the Fancy Food Shows (San Francisco and Washington, DC) and many retailer's and distributor's holiday shows, where visitors had the chance to experience this exclusive delicacy.

In addition, Prima Donna has been invited to do some extra promotion through store displays or at important grand openings of brand new stores and grand re-openings after major remodeling. As an example cross-merchandising materials have been developed recently and showcased for a ‘Prima Donna Spicy Greek Olive Salad’ in cooperation with an olive supplier. Another example is this gorgeous store presentation consisting of 20 wheels Prima Donna fino and Landana 1000 DAYS in total, creating a real eye-catcher in this store. The most recent case is at the grand opening of a Kroger Marketplace in Fort Wayne, IN at the Village of Coventry shopping center where our U.S. Prima Donna team successfully presented Prima Donna cheese to the public with amazing store sales.Prima Donna cheese in the USA

These and other developments make us confident that Prima Donna will continue to grow by even more intensive sales promotions and support. Also, we will be present at SIAL in Paris from October 21 through 25 - a favorite, international food show visited by many American and international key persons in the food industry - to demonstrate the unique cheese specialty for everyone who is into the Italian way of life.

June 2012

Plenty of pleasure at the Viva la Donna Day.

Viva la Donna DayOn June 8th the Daniel den Hoed clinic of the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam) hosted the Viva la Donna Day. Everyone who had applied could enjoy a day of relaxing beauty treatment, manicure or a visit to the hair dresser. There were also several workshops and people could enjoy an extended buffet of delicious snacks all throughout the day.

Viva la Donna DayViva la Donna is dedicated to women who have had cancer diagnosed. The foundation campaigns for more focus on after-care and organizes various projects to empower women who suffer(ed) from cancer. Prima Donna Cheese gladly supports this great initiative and our cheese on the buffet was much appreciated.

April 2012

QR code brings consumer into digital cheese world

The increasing use of smartphones offers new opportunities to communicate with consumers. Through several smartphone applications have online information, photos and videos gone mobile and became within reach at any given moment.

Prima Donna is ahead in the communication of her brand and is one of the first in her branch to introduce this modern communication method.

By using a two-dimensional barcode, the Quick Response (QR) code, international cheese lovers gain direct access with their smartphone to the digital world of the brand Prima Donna. By simply scanning the QR code with a smartphone it accesses an amount of information about the brand, the different varieties or delicious recipes from the extensive recipe database.

The QR codes of Prima Donna can be found for example on product labels, recipe books, display boxes and leaflets, as they are available in stores.

It’s an unique way of modern communication for an unique cheese brand.

March 2012

Prima Donna "the best cheese in the world"!

Another great response to Prima Donna cheese: lifestyle blog eZeliving visited our booth at the Gulfood tradefair in Dubai and according to them Prima Donna is " the best cheese in the world". Watch the video at:

February 2012

Great response to Prima Donna at the Gulfood tradefair in Dubai!

For the first time was Prima Donna represented at the Gulfood tradefair from 19 till the 22nd of Februari in Dubai. The cheeses were warm welcomed by visitors from the Middle-East, Africa and South Asia. Prima Donna was probably tasted by every visitor, because it was almost impossible to cut the cheeses right in time before the cheeseboard was empty. This is great news for Prima Donna to gain new cheeselovers in new parts of the world! The silver awardwinner, Prima Donna maturo, was again one of the favorites of the visitors. Its extra mature & full-bodied taste and the great wonders Prima Donna can make in the hot and cold kitchen were recognized as great assets of this unique cheese specialty for everyone who is into the Italian way of life. Pure Passion!

Prima Donna cheese at Gulfood tradefair in Dubai

December 2011

World Cheese Awards for Prima Donna!

During the BBC Good Food Show, Birmingham 23-27 November 2011, Prima Donna gained again three important World Cheese Awards . The matured Prima Donna variety maturo won the BRONZE AWARD for its unique taste and consistency. The extra aged Prima Donna forte gained the SILVER AWARD, whereas the lower fat variety Prima Donna leggero was awarded with also a SILVER AWARD, the latest in the class of reduced fat cheeses. For more information:

August 2011

International Cheese Awards for Prima Donna

Prima Donna gained awards at the Nantwich (UK) International Cheese Awards Show in July.

In the heavy category “specialties” the extra ripened Prima Donna maturo became the SILVER award winner; a top result! The jury awarded maturo for the unique combination of the delicious flavor of Parmesan and the best traditional Dutch cheese, which mark the character of this exclusive delicacy.
Prima Donna cheese wins International Cheese Awards

The BRONZE Award was gained by the light cheese specialty of the Prima Donna family "leggero". In the category less fat cheese Prima Donna leggero convinced the jury with its savoury tast, typical for this variety and loved by many healt conscious people.

The awards for Prima Donna at this International Cheese Show, attended by 3700 competitors from 26 countries, are the appreciation for continuously investing in high quality cheese specialties.

April 2011

Prima Donna Cheese helps TT Amsterdam to Brazil

From the 25th of April until the 8th of May 2011, TalentTeam Amsterdam took part in a training camp in and against Brazil. The team of Ron Zwerver and Koos Klein played several volleyball matches against their Brazilian peers. This trip will give the Dutch Talent Team a unique opportunity to play against top-class volleyball players. Last year the Brazilian volleyball players were guests in the Netherlands and because of the great Dutch hospitality the team was invited to come to Brazil. This two-week training camp was made possible by event sponsor Prima Donna cheese, the unique cheese specialty that has worldwide recognition and especially in Brazil.

Apart from volleyball many Brazilians love our Prima Donna cheese and therefore this exchange is a wonderful opportunity to bring Prima Donna cheese under the attention of sport fanatics in Brazil. The training of the Dutch Talent Team is the unique possibility for connecting the popularity of volleyball to Prima Donna cheese. “A nice promotion for Prima Donna as well as for the volleyball sport”, according to the CEO of Vandersterre Groep and volleyball fanatic Mr. Jan Kos.

Also Ron Zwerver, trainer of the Dutch Talent Team, is excited about the sponsoring of Prima Donna. “This cooperation makes it possible for us to let this unique experience become a part of an international education for top volleyball players”.

The Dutch Talent Team will keep everybody informed through their weblog and they will keep everyone posted through Twitter on their experiences in Brazil.

August 2010

Guinness World Record

A quality cheeseboard cannot be without Prima Donna as cheese specialty on the cheeseboard. Therefore in 2010 Prima Donna set the world record in the Guinness Book of World Records with the biggest cheeseboard of the world containing over 130.000 hand cut cheese cubes of Prima Donna.

August 2009

International Gold Award for Prima Donna maturo

Prima Donna maturo won the Gold Award at the Nantwich International Cheese Show. Vandersterre Groep took part in the Nantwich International Cheese Show in July. Prima Donna maturo won the Gold Award in the ‘speciality’ (DP111) class.

At the Nantwich International Cheese Show in 2008, Prima Donna won two silver medals in the categories “Best Dutch cheese” and “Cheese Lovers Trophy” where the aspect of enjoying cheese is key.

Prima Donna, with its tasty varieties fino, maturo, forte and leggero (30%), is a top-quality Dutch cheese with a very special flavor making it difficult to be described, it just need to International Gold Award for Prima Donna maturo cheesebe tasted! Prima Donna maturo is extra ripened, giving the cheese its piquant flavor. Prima Donna maturo is great to use in hot and cold dishes and can also be enjoyed just on its own with a good glass of wine. Prima Donna is a cheese to be loved, it is a worthy winner of the GOLD!

June 2009

Prima Donna pre-pack wedges

The luxury pre-pack wedges of 300 gram set weight Prima Donna fino, maturo and leggero (30%) offer a new line of cheese packaging ideally suited to self-service shopping. This beautiful packaging is also an excellent idea to give as a gift or end-of-year favor.