Prima Donna crème as one of the best innovations

Vandersterre Holland is presenting its brands at SIAL Shanghai 2017, Asia's largest food innovation exhibition. We are proud that Prima Donna crème is selected as one of the best innovations of the fair. This cheese spread surprises with the recognizable, unique taste of Prima Donna´╗┐. Delicious on French bread and crackers and perfect for a savory, creamy sauce.´╗┐

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Prima Donna Cheese is sponsoring World Grand Prix Tournament

On Saturday, 15 January, Prima Donna Cheese Director Jan Kos and Michel Everaert, Athletic Director of the Netherlands Volleyball Federation, signed a sponsorship agreement for the World Grand Prix tournament to be held in the Netherlands in July.

Women’s World Grand Prix
After the wildly successful Women’s European Championships in 2015, the Netherlands Volleyball Federation (Nevobo) has once again managed to bring a fantastic tournament to the Netherlands: the Women’s World Grand Prix. The tournament will be held in Apeldoorn from 7-9 July 2017. The participating countries will include Thailand, Japan and the Dominican Republic, as well as the Netherlands. 

Prima Donna as the main sponsor of volleyball club Huizen
And like for the European Championships in 2015, one of the sponsors that will tie its name to the World Grand Prix tournament is Prima Donna Cheese. Prima Donna Cheese, a subsidiary of the Vandersterre Group in Bodegraven, has been active in the volleyball world for many years. The company is the main sponsor of the volleyball club in Huizen, which is named after it. The club’s ladies A team plays in the Top Division. Prima Donna Cheese has also taken the initiative to build an ambitious volleyball school in Huizen. Every week, more than 100 talented young players work on their technique under the supervision of respected trainers such as Elroy Bezemer and Teun Buijs.

Prima Donna at the World Grand Prix tournament
Prima Donna Cheese will be highly visible at the World Grand Prix tournament, including via the LED signs at the centre court. And of course, the spectators can expect to enjoy a bite of Prima Donna Cheese. As at the 2015 European Championships, Prima Donna Cheese will also conduct a club contest, with a chance to win 50 admission tickets and transportation to the event location.

Prima Donna launches cheese spread

Prima Donna cheese spread

Prima Donna is proud to announce a new addition to its assortment, Prima Donna crème. Based on the full-bodied Prima Donna maturo, this cheese spread surprises with the recognizable, unique taste of Prima Donna. The crème is made out of 100% Prima Donna cheese. Delicious on French bread and crackers and perfect for a savory, creamy sauce.

Prima Donna introduces pre-packed wedgePrima Donna cheese wedge

Due to an increasingly busy lifestyle and a growing number of smaller-households, consumers demand smaller, lighter and easy-to-use packaging. Acting on this food trend, Prima Donna introduces a pre-packed wedge of 5.3 oz. exact weight for the award-winning variety Prima Donna maturo. 

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Prima Donna on FacebookPrima Donna cheese on Facebook

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NEW: Prima Donna now also available as flakesPrima Donna cheese flakes

Prima Donna, elected ‘Best European Cheese’ in 2013, now introduces prepackaged cheese flakes. With a practical, re-closable package of 90g, the consumer can enjoy the unique taste of Prima Donna even easier. Prima Donna is delicious in cold dishes like salads. Thanks to its perfect melting characteristics, Prima Donna also shines in hot dishes like pastas.

Prima Donna flakes will attract a convenience-orientated target group and gives Prima Donna an impulse. The 90g packages are packed per 10 in an attractive display box.

Prima Donna is free from gluten and lactose (<0,1g lactose per 100g) by nature.

Prima Donna awarded with DLG-gold

Prima Donna is awarded with gold by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Geschellschaft (DLG). The DLG is an independent German organization for agriculture and food research and enjoys high prestige in Europe. The institute subjects the entered cheeses to a detailed investigation to examine the sensory quality. Experts evaluate the cheeses on taste, consistence, scent and appearance. Prima Donna awarded with gold

The unique quality of Prima Donna maturo was recognized by the jury with a total of 4,87 points. Prima Donna is the unique specialty cheese for anyone who enjoys the Italian way of life. The unique combination of the wonderful flavor of Parmesan and traditional Dutch cheese describes this exclusive cheese. Because of their excellent melting characteristics Prima Donna also shines in hot dishes.

Prima Donna maturo is naturally free from gluten and lactose (<0,1g lactose per 100g).

Prima Donna forte wins BRONZE at World Cheese Awards

Prima Donna, a premium specialty cheese brand of Vandersterre Groep (The Netherlands), has been recognized with a bronze award at the World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, England.

2,777 cheeses participated at the world-famous cheese show, which is organized by United Kingdom’s Guild of Fine Food. In the category “Any very hard cheese” PriPrima Donna forte wins Bronze award at World Cheese Awardsma Donna forte convinced a jury of 250 cheese experts with an extra mature and piquant taste.

This specialty cheese is a unique combination of the wonderful flavor of Parmesan and traditional Dutch cheese and is extra-long ripened. Prima Donna forte has a lightly crumbly consistency and a strong and sweet, nutty taste. Is very well suited for warm dishes or on a cheese board.

Prima Donna forte is lactose and gluten free.

Prima Donna ‘Best European Cheese’

Prima Donna cheeses - a unique combination of Parmesan and traditional Dutch cheese flavors - recently won a GOLD Award in the category ‘Best Dutch Cheese’ at the Global Cheese Awards and was also elected as ‘Best European Cheese’.Prima Donna Best European Cheese

The Global Cheese Awards has being held in England for 150 years now and is one of the most famous cheese competitions. Each year approximately 1,000 cheeses are submitted worldwide in 170 different categories. This year’s Global Cheese Awards took place September 13th and 14th in England. Prima Donna maturo won over the jury – which included cheese masters of major retailers and culinary specialists – with its excellent, extra mature and full-bodied taste. The jury awarded Prima Donna maturo not only the best cheese from Holland, but also the best cheese from all of Europe.

In the category ‘Single Specialty Hard Cheese,’ the extra-long ripened Prima Donna forte won a GOLD Award and was elected ‘Best Hard Specialty Cheese’.

New: Improved quality makes Prima Donna leggero even taImproved quality Prima Donna leggero cheesestier

Prima Donna leggero is the light variety in the Prima Donna family
and contains only 17.5% fat content (30% of the cheese). This cheese specialty with its eye-catching light-blue label features a light, yet piquant flavor, making it the ideal cheese for health-conscious consumers. Moreover, Prima Donna leggero is now even tastier, creamier and easier to cut in slices thanks to its improved quality. This light cheese tastes great in a salad or on bread and is lactose and gluten free.

You can find the most delicious recipes with Prima Donna leggero here.

Prima Donna stands out with attractive new look

Prima Donna, the premium line of specialty cheeses featuring a unique combination of Dutch Gouda and Italian Parmesan flavors, is now available in an exciting new look. The brand’s appealing redesign emphasizes the high-quality character of Prima Donna cheeses at in a sophisticatePrima Donna cheese stands out with attractive new lookd way that’s sure to stand out at every cheese counter.

Prima Donna is naturally aged – like fine wine – until it reaches the pinnacle of flavor. For this reason, Prima Donna cheese does not age for a set amount of time, but rather until it acquires a particular flavor profile. Throughout the aging period, there are three different varieties identified as the pinnacle flavor stages: fino, maturo and forte, each one offering a unique Italian taste sensation. A fourth variety, leggero, contains only 17.5 % fat content (30% of the cheese) and features a light, piquant flavor, making it the ideal cheese for health-conscious consumers.

Prima Donna cheeses are real delicacies on their own and also pair well with a good glass of wine. Because of their excellent melting characteristics, Prima Donna cheeses also shine in hot dishes.

Prima Donna in the Amsterdam Cheese Museum

As of this week, Prima Donna cheese is exhibited in the Amsterdam Cheese Museum. The museum shows the more than 600 years long tradition of Dutch cheese. All thPrima Donna in Amsterdam Cheese Museume wealth of Dutch cheese varieties are collected here in the center of Amsterdam. There is the opportunity to freely taste and compare different sorts of Dutch cheese and there is an attractive shop, with sellers in traditional Dutch clothes. You can buy your favorite Prima Donna cheese here as well. The museum is just a step from the Anne Frank House, on the other side of the Prinsengracht and daily open from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Prima Donna Lactose and Gluten free

Did you know that all Prima Donna cheeses are lactose and gluten free?

Therefore people with lactose or gluten allergies can also enjoy Prima Donna!

The flavor of Prima Donna is very unique and distinguished. The Prima Donna family offers four different varieties each with its own flavor. Each Prima Donna variety offers unique and tasty possibilities in use. Because of its excellent melting characteristics Prima Donna is very special in hot dishes. You can find the most delicious Prima Donna recipes here.