Filled baquette

Filled baquette
Filled baquette
starter 15 min. delicious with an aperitif 4 Persons Prima Donna maturo


5½ oz. (150 g) Prima Donna maturo
1 large white baguette
3½ oz. (100 g) butter
10½ oz. (300 g) soft cheese
1 tsp. of mustard
3 hardboiled eggs
3 tbsp. of chopped chives
5½ oz. (150 g) cooked ham
1½ oz. (50 g) finely chopped black olives
salt, pepper and paprika powder

Preparation method:

Cut the baguette lengthways and remove the inside. Mix the butter with the soft cheese and mustard. Finely chop the egg white, press the egg yolk through the sieve and, along with the chopped chives, stir through the cheese mixture.

Dice the Prima Donna maturo and the ham and add these and the olives to the cheese mixture. Add salt, pepper and paprika to taste.

 Fill both baguette halves with the mixture and press them back together again. Wrap the filled bread in aluminum foil and allow to set in the fridge for 2 hours.