Prima Donna & sun-dried tomatoes

Prima Donna & sun-dried tomatoes
Prima Donna & sun-dried tomatoes
Snack 5-10 min 1-10 Persons Prima Donna maturo

The perfect cheeseboard

A delightful cheeseboard is a feast for all the senses and a delicious way to enjoy a moment together. Prima Donna cheese is a versatile product and an essential addition to any cheeseboard. Combining Prima Donna Cheese with a range of different products, each with their own distinct taste, can create a unique flavor sensation. Consider combining our cheeses with fruit, various dips, sausage, wine and coffee, for instance. These tips will help you create a perfect cheeseboard that you and your guests are guaranteed to enjoy.


Sun-dried tomatoes and Prima Donna Cheese are a delicious, classic combination of flavors and are very easy to prepare. Sun-dried tomatoes are more intense in flavor than fresh tomatoes and pair perfectly with Prima Donna’s Italian character.


Garnish with basil and olives.