Prima Donna & Ciabatta

Prima Donna & Ciabatta
Prima Donna & Ciabatta
Snack 5 min 1-10 Persons Prima Donna maturo

The perfect cheeseboard

A delightful cheeseboard is a feast for all the senses and a delicious way to enjoy a moment together. Prima Donna cheese is a versatile product and an essential addition to any cheeseboard. Combining Prima Donna Cheese with a range of different products, each with their own distinct taste, can create a unique flavor sensation.


Ciabatta bread and Prima Donna Cheese are Italian classics.  Add a little extra with a home-made dip. Season the olive oil with salt, black pepper and rosemary. 


Heat the ciabatta for 4 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. This will let the Prima Donna Cheese come up to temperature and do full justice to its varied palette of flavours.